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Membership to MMU ensures your hair extension success! Meet other hair lovers and get priority VIP support from Tiffany and her team. Live training session archives and backlogs, discounts and offers.

If you're looking for better hair, to have more volume, or even to go all out and get that instagram-gorgeous full head of hair’do, you want more attention or to look fabulous for an upcoming important event, then you probably already know that you need to learn this process and learn it fast. (Which is why you always are asking me to ship it faster, lol!)

And, because of that, I'll save you the time of convincing you it’s gonna take a little practice, and patience, and that you should read and watch everything you can online so that you’re prepared to do this when you do get it. You’re right, you already know that. I don’t need to convince you of something you’ve already read and experienced with loads of other solutions out there.

Here’s what I do know. 

I know you probably don’t have time to sift through everything. I know it takes hours and days to sort through the videos and information to find out what’s good and useful and what’s not. And by the time you find out what’s not, you’ve wasted precious time. You know, the time you could be spending with your loved ones, your friends or even just indulging in a great romance novel or romantic comedy that makes you cry with happy tears.

And here’s what I can do about it.

I can offer you a way that gives you a fast pass to the most pertinent information that will get you a head of hair fast. The information you need to .. be done and done .. and out enjoying all those amazing compliments you’re going to get with hat amazing head of hair that you can get done faster and easier, as a member.

I’m here for ya. But I need to know who’s serious. Who wants this -- my time & attention -- and who will most benefit from it.

We have a very special private little club of supporters and hair lovers who will tell you how wonderful you are! We are around for advice, guidance and support like no other place in the world, our little world.

So join me!

Become a member and let’s get serious about your look with hair extensions.

Come in and say hi!

See you there! 



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